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Command Centers

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The Heart Of The Company
  • Perform daily control room responsibilities with high integrity and efficiency

  • Voice recording – All telephonic conversations are recorded to maintain accuracy and accountability

  • Monitor various CCTV Surveillance Systems and report any suspicious activity to the relevant people for immediate attention.

  • Black screen - monitoring and response to activations.

  • Radio Communications are monitored and reacted upon when required

  • Respond to panic – linked to two-way radio activations and respond

  • Keep a record of any incidents and report these to the relevant people for immediate attention.

  • Monitor vehicle and staff movements via our Geolocation software

  • Issue field visit related equipment to staff upon the instruction of the Operations Manager after hours

  • Respond and react to all alarm activation

  • Monitor cameras with licence plate recognition and respond when necessary

  • Maintain contact with first responders and deploy back up when required

  • Identify potential risks and communicate with our ground forces

  • Conduct Off Site CCTV Surveillanace System Audits

  • Monitor Cameras installed internally and externally on our vehicles

  • Fleet Management – (Refer to Vehicle and Fleet Monitoring)

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