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Why Us

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  • Is well established within the industry

  • Will contribute to your needs

  • Offer extensive experience in multiple security related industries

  • Understands your risks and operations

  • Dedicated National and Regional Control Rooms

  • National Alarm monitoring with Response Units .

  • National Monitoring of Temperature Alarms

  • Deploy Security Personnel and Related Services Nationally

  • Specialized in retail security, shrinkage analysis, action plans.

  • Specialized warehouse security, monitoring and checking of stock from warehouse to delivery truck to destination, generating Stock Discrepancy Reports.

  • Risk Analysis with customer made security solutions.

  • Predictive Policing / Forecasting Incidents

A Company that provides Specialized Services:

  • Dedicated Risk Assessment and Data

  • Riot Control Teams

  • Our Own Response Units to Provide Dedicated Services

  • Dedicated Training Teams to Continuously Improve Our Standards

VIP Transport and Extraction Team:

  • Road or Air Extraction

Trained Security Officers

  • All personnel in uniform, with equipment to perform their duties

  • Close Co-ops with SAPS and Community Protection Forums

  • Collaboration and co-operation with local Security

  • Service Providers to the benefit of the Client

A Company that provides:

  • Management Visitations

  • Supervisor Visitations

  • Monthly reports

  • Cost Effective Solutions

  • Voice Stress and Polygraph Tests as required

  • Improved Security Measurements – Technology

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