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Security History

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Back in the day:

Providing Security Services have an honorable history reaching back over thousands of years, and we proudly continue the legacy of our ancient predecessor’s.  In those early days of security, Royalty would select their own personal security compliments from their armies. Not just “anyone would do”.

ONLY the “Cream of the Crop” was selected. The “Best of the Best” who would then have to maintain their “best status” by training and improving daily.  Everyone in the army wanted those positions and competition was fierce.

In our day:

Founded in 2014, Uberwachung All Secure Corp has grown nationally and internationally. Our executive team, proudly has a combined security experience of an average of 20 – 25 years each, combining their specialized skills to complement one another, to ensure that our clients receive the most comprehensive “Best of Best” custom made Security Solutions.

Every employee across the board, in every department is selected and recruited with this “Best of the Best” strategy in mind. Each employee is an integrated, interlocked member of the team. We understand the concept of ‘we are as strong as our weakest link’ and therefore ensure there are “no weak links”.

We therefore are confident that we are able to provide our clients, with excellent security service solutions regardless of the industry, whether retail, industrial, technical, etc.

In this manner we have proudly become “Your Preferred Security Service Provider”.

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